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  1. Electronic Appliances Repair: LED TV, microwave oven, washing machine, automatic dryer, satellite receiver, modems, card's, inter communication equipment, wireless devices, inverter, musical instruments, amplifier with system, home/car audio system's.
  2. Computers & Accessories Servicing: desktop, laptop, scanner, printers in dot metric, inkjet, laser, thermal, Xerox copier machine, display monitor, tablet, HDD drives, add on cards, UPS, SMPS...etc.
  3. Power Supply Equipment Servicing: all type diesel generators, solar panels and charge controller, ups and inverter, power SMPS drives, AVR, programming based micro controller driver PCB, servo stabilizer, voltage stabilizer....etc.
  4. Electrical Service : LT/HT, wiring maintenance & installation, power protection devices, automatic charger change over controller, servo motors drives, elevator and lift mechanical controller driver,....etc
  5. Water Treatment Equipments Service.: purifier, UV & RO purifier, cool and hot water devices, water treatment automated machine, automatic water flow on controller driver.
  6. Sewing Machine Repair & Services: all kinds stitching and sewing machine, automatic embroidery machine, CNC tools machine, computerized programmable drive controller machine repair & trouble shooting....etc
  7. Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU,ESU) Solutions: lock, motors, panel drive and engine optimization controller, battery charger controller, door body chassis sensitive sensor PCB controller...etc
  8. Embedded Systems: chip programming, projects design, AI technology based control diagnostic tools projects, Home/office/ industrial automation systems applications projects....etc
  9. Surveillance & Security Systems System Installation and Servicing.: CCTV camera, DVR, bio-metric devices door, automatic gate, fire alarm system, smoke detector, gas sensor device, motion detection system, laser control security Survival system....etc
  10. Electronic Instruments and Equipments Servicing: Analytical / Chemical Lab Instruments Repair, Aggregate Testing Instruments Repair, Apparatus / Gauges / Tools Repair. Analyzer Instruments Repair, Bio-Technology Instruments Repair, Chemistry, Biochemistry Instruments Repair, Controllers and Control Systems Instruments Repair, Cement & Concrete Testing Instruments Repair, Cable Measuring Instruments Repair, Conductivity Measurement Instruments Repair, Converters / Simulators Repair, Carbon / Sulfur Analyzing Instruments Monitors, Current Measurement Control Instruments Repair, Dairy And Milk Testing Equipment Instruments, Dam Instruments Repair, Detectors and Detection Systems Repair, Displacement/ Density Measurement Instruments, Drives / Encoders Repair, Electrical And Electronics Instruments Repair, Electronics and Instrumentation, Energy Analysis Measurement Instruments, Environmental/ General Laboratory Instruments, Fiber Optic Instruments Repair, Flow Measurement Control Instruments Repair, Frequency Measurements Instruments Repair, Gas Analysis Measurement Instruments Repair, General Testing Laboratory Instruments Repair, Geotechnical Equipment Instruments Repair, Heat Measurement Instruments Repair, Highways Engineering Instruments Repair, Humidity / Dew / Moisture Measurement Instruments, Hydraulic / Fluid Mechanics Lab Instruments Repair, Hydrogen Analysis Measurement Instruments, Hydrological Instruments Repair, Indicating / Monitoring Instruments Repair, Industrial Control Instruments Repair, Infrared / Radiation Analysis Detection Instruments, Instrumentation, Laboratory Research And Scientific Equipment, Laser Instruments Repair, Leak Detection Instruments Repair, Linear / Positioning Measuring Instruments Repair, Machines for Measurement Systems Repair, Magnetic Measurement Instruments Repair, Medical And Surgical Equipment Repair, Metallurgical Instruments Repair, Meteorological Instruments Repair, Meters Repair, Micro-Biology Instruments Repair, Microscopes Repair, Oil Testing Instruments Repair, Optical Equipment and Instruments Repair, Oxide / Oxygen Analysis / Control Instruments Repair, Paint Testing Instruments Repair, Paper / Sugar Testing Instruments Repair, Pharmaceutical Instruments and Equipment, Photo Cell Measurement Instruments Repair, Pneumatic Control/Measurement Instruments Repair, Potential Analysis/Control Instruments Repair, Power Electronics Measurement/Control Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments Repair, Pressure / Vacuum / Level Control Instruments Repair, Probes, Process Automation/Instrumentation Repair, Production Engineering Instruments Repair, Programmers/Programmable Products Repair, Projectors / Profile Analysis/Inspection, Public Health Engineering Instruments Repair, Pumps Repair, Quality Control Instruments Repair, R & D Equipment Repair, Recorders/Recording Equipment, Regulators Repair, Scientific Instruments Repair, Resistance/Resistivity Measurement Instruments, Rubber Testing/Equipment Instruments, Scales/Electronic Weighing Machines, Scanners/Scanning Equipment Repair, Scopes, Seed Testing Instruments Repair, Sensors/Sensing Equipment Instruments Repair, Signal Analysis/Measurement Instruments Repair, Smoke / Flame Detectors/Monitoring Instruments, Software, Soil Engineering Instruments Equipment Repair, Speed Measurement/Control Instruments Repair, Static Control/Measurement Instruments Repair, Steam Equipment/Control Instruments Repair, Strength of Material Testing Equipment Repair, Surface Measurement Instruments Repair, Survey Instruments and Equipment Repair, Switches, Systems For Control/Measurement Instruments, Tar, Bitumen & Bituminous Testing Instruments, Telecommunication Maintenance Instruments, Temperature Control/Instrumentation Repair, Textiles Testing Instruments, Thermal Measurement Instruments Repair, Time Control/Measurement Instruments, Transducers/Torque, measurement Instruments, Transformers, Transmitters / Relays / Valves, Ultrasonic Measurement/Equipment Instruments, Valves, Vibration Measurement/Control Instruments Repair, Volt Measurement/Control Instruments Repair, Water Analysis/Equipment Instruments Repair, Weighing Systems, Yarn And Fabric Testing Equipment Instruments, Emergency Repair.
  11. AMC : Calibration, Buy New and Sell Used Equipment, Sell Surplus Instruments, Sell Scrap Equipment, Used Equipment, Buy Used Equipment, Buy Old Spare Parts, Sell Surplus, Special Equipment, Obsolete Spares.
  12. Skill Training Programme: Computer Assembling and installation, project design, Component level repair in peripherals Servicing, Automation products, Instrumentation, Renewable energy( Solar, Hydrogen cell), Home & office Appliances, practical training.


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