Devices Repair

Inddigiway ( India digital way ) is a group of ML - technologies Pvt Ltd, a leader in electronic devices (Home/office/general), Instrumentation/Automation, Computer & related total peripherals electrical(House/flat/industrial), Electro-mechanical (generator & elevator), water & wast water System, Fire protect, Security System,......other House construction repairs ...etc,Sectors and is dedicated to Providing customers most Skilled Craftsmanship, impeccable performance, and competitive pricing to our Clint's across the widen areas.

Inddigiway is a client family member and total Complete Solutions for Maintenance Service/repair/consulting in tech - advanced company and also provide Special categorized Home/office product and device Marketing with an excellent record of Success. Since 2005, we have consistently demonstrated a level of integrity and Stability that has led to many continuing relationship with client, who appreciate our reliable and timely completion of job work, and our leadership We are committed to maintaining the excellent standard of quality, Safety,leadership, performance, to our customers.

Did you know ?

We can creat custom support plans to ensure the availibility of tottal us today.