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Inddigiway ( India digital way ) is a group of ML - technologies; a leader in electronic devices (home/office/general), Instrumentation/Automation, Computer & related total peripherals electrical(House/flat/industrial), Electro-mechanical (generator & elevator), water & wast water System, Fire protect, Security System,......other House construction repairs ...etc,Sectors and is dedicated to Providing customers most Skilled Craftsmanship, impeccable performance, and competitive pricing to our Clint's across the widen areas.

Electronic Appliances Repair

Computers & Accessories Servicing

Power Supply Equipment Servicing

Electrical Service

Water Treatment Equipments Service

Sewing Machine Repair & Services

Automotive Electronic Control Units (ECU,ESU) Solutions

Embedded Systems

Surveillance & Security Systems System Installation and Servicing

Electronic Instruments and Equipments Servicing


Skill Training Programme &

Sales And Marketing


Contact Centre

HB 68, second cross road, near post office, street A, Panambally nagar, Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Fixed Phone: 0484 3559761

Mobile Number: +91 8281508769, +91 9188698517

Email us:,


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